Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Step Beyond Contextual

Let us assume that you are running a business that owns some prime properties on the internet. As millions of users interact with your properties every day, there would be a significant number that abandon the site in the middle of a web transaction. What do you do with these set of people ?

The most common approach that business owners take is to assume that people who abandon web transactions are lost forever and not worry about them. A recent study reveals that this could be a big mistake and that at least a third of the people who abandon web transactions interact with the business within ten days following the abandonment through the same or alternative channels. Interesting - isn't it ?

This revelation has some interesting implications. For starters, this calls for solutions that are capable of identifying abandoned customers and re-engaging them. This might involve grabbing their attention at third party properties or sending them messages that could be of specific interest to them to drive them back. This also marks a shift from the traditional contextual targeting of customer to a more personalized targeting mechanism where each person interacting with a web property is treated as per his needs. This is an idea that has the potential to change the way we think about interactive marketing.