Friday, July 13, 2007

The changing face of shopping in India

No more visiting 4 different markets to shop for clothes. Indian youth is smart and with the new found power of internet, is doing the research sitting at home before going to the market.

It all started with google making search better and more relevant. Where people barely expected to find something meaningful while searching, they now expect to find what they want. And with this expectation, there are a slew of sites that are opening up to provide relevant information to shoppers on the best places to shop in the city.

One of these sites, , that was launched last week, combines the advantages of social networking with relevant and pointed shopping information. The open framework allows anyone to submit a deal that they know of in the city and share it with their friends. A democratic voting mechanism ensures that only the best deals make it to the top and catch the eye of the users. Scoop that with your favorite features of tagging and search and you have all ingredients of a potent combination that will help you find the best deal anytime in the city.

Do check it out - I think you will like it.